Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This sounds good...

This sounds good! Wonder whether they'd like an article on the design possibilities of molluscs (ahem!)?!

And now, just in case you fancy a little stash enhancement in Singapore, here is a list of yarn shops which has just appeared in The Straits Times and been sent to me by my friend Tamy, who doesn't have a blog but does have a very impressive web presence! The list appeared with an article about Singapore's male knitters and how shy they are.

Spotlight, Plaza Singapura, Level 5: wool and acrylic yarns, magazines, lessons
Golden Dragon Store
, 02-51 Peopke's Park Centre: yarns from England, japan and France. Knitting mags.
Ishida Craft Centre, 01-04 Tanglin Mall: over 70 brands of yarn, linen, cashmere, silk, Japanese and English knitting magazines.
Knitting Shop Enterprise, 390 Victoria Street: yarns from Italy, Germany and Japan, knitting magazines, children's knitting tools, free knitting lessons for the completion of one project given for purchases of $50 and above.
Ng Lang Quee, 682 Hougang Ave 4, 01-336: yarn from Italy, England and Taiwan, any purchase entitles you to free knitting lessons in the course of 3 months.
Yong Herng Co, 02-12Holland Road Shooping Centre: predominantly English Yarn, also stocks knitting magazines. No knitting lessons.

I especially like the sound of the yarns and Japanese magazines at Ishida Craft Centre, whilst Knitting Shop Entreprise (with its mention fo children's tools and lessons in exchange for yarn purchase) really does sound entreprising.

I've not been able to set up a link to the article but if you Google "Straits Times Men Knitting" and click the first link you may be able to get it as a pdf (I've tried 3 times and it worked once).


Mary deB said...

Wow, nice news about the new knitting magazine! Will rack my brains for thrilling designs.

E-J said...

The crocheted kelp on this page reminded me of the curlywhirly scarves ...

I have just finished a curlywhirly of my own! Yay!!

Rosie said...

The magazines sounds very promising, Mary, doesn't it. And E-J thanks for the link, lots of inspiration there. Have just visited your blog and love your scarf and your cunning stitch markers for crochet!

E-J said...

Hi Rosie. Yep, the markers also prevent unravelment. :-) Someone else on a forum had the ingenious idea of using those fine earring hoops which close with a small clasp and attaching a "letter" bead, to remind you which hook size you were using (if in American sizes). Those could double as markers for knitting, too.

So many ideas, so little time ...

I am determined to make it to KTog on Tuesday!

emy said...

Could I add that if anyone's dropping in Singapore & is interested in meeting up can email me too? :)