Friday, August 18, 2006

off to the moors and seaside

Yes, it is going to be cold and wet next week, so Caught Knitting is off to get soaked and wind-swept. Good job that the sheep challenge is for indoor sheep, rather than real ones. I think I'll have to investigate every handpump in every bar along the North Yorks Coast, then head inland to do the same on the moors. Actually, I don't care what the weather does as I'm taking Dracula to read (local colour) and I'll have this scenic railway route and this steam railway to explore. I've also already checked the opening times for Bobbins! And at least I'll find out whether the new, waterproof hiking boots are indeed waterproof.

Look forward to plenty of pictures of sheep, rain and (I hope) an FO or two. And for a real challenge I'm going to try to get a picture of the husband, who is very, very camera-shy. Now, how much yarn can I cram in to my rucksack?


Francesca said...

I followed the link to Bobbins and found some cute bats. I never thought I would refer to bats as cute, but those are. I think Goth Niece might like one. :)

Bagpuss said...

I haven't been on the raliways myself but my parents have - my stepdad has a obession with steam engines and railways. I did spend a weekend in North Yorks (can't remember where, my stepbro was working at a Haven camp site up there so we got free caravan for weekend). We did go to a lovely lavender place and saw Horcums Hole (think that was its name). Hope to see some great pics now you have your camara - and maybe you squeeze in a few live sheep. If fact it will probably be more of a challenge to get live sheep in a photo up. Have fun!