Tuesday, August 15, 2006

knitting in the library

Caught up with my crafty nieces today.

The older one, Goth Niece (sporting very striking red eyeshadow and astonishing lashings of black eyeliner), spends her spare time hanging out with fellow goths in a park. Sometimes she takes her knitting along, as does a male friend (who can cable and make cardigans: Goth Niece is impressed). If it rains, the entire group descends (noisily) on the local library, where GN and friend continue to knit. Needless to say, noisy goths are not tolerated for long, but the naughty knitters always refuse to leave until they have got to the end of the current row. GN's latest crafty project has been using felt to customise one of her teddy bears, who now sports a very fetching mohican crest and a black jacket with black and white tie. She's contemplating entering him in the junior needlework category of the village show...would love to see the judges' faces...

Younger niece, Miss Pegs, has been busy on the gonks I mentioned a couple of posts ago. These gonks are constructed around a ring (about 2.5cm diameter) which has 15cm lengths of yarn looped all around it, then has googly eyes stuck on. These can then be attached to chains for use as keyrings, 'phone charms etc. GN has one attached to her Dougal shoulder bag. Miss P leads a very hectic social life: today was Irish dancing, tomorrow is more dancing followed by swimming.

Both girls are beautiful and talented (just like their mother) and they can both talk the hind legs off a donkey (suspect they get this from their aunt!)

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francesca said...

Oh c'mon, you have to post pictures now. I want to see Goth Niece and her teddybear!