Sunday, August 27, 2006

challenged by sheep

Aha! Give a girl a camera and look what happens. Yes, she could be taking landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes and what does she snap? She snaps sheep and we all know who is to blame. So here we have (in totally random order, as blogger has thwarted my attempts to organise them)
dinky pink case in shop window in Flowergate, Whitby;
handpump in the most extraordinary pub I've ever encountered*;
sheep glovepuppet and sheep-strewn fleeces in shop window in Church Street, Whitby;
landscape shot (as a sop to Graham, who intially didn't get the hang of what I was doing and said "this is getting silly" when I took photos of sheep in shop windows!)** genuine sheep (although Graham alleges that they have been crossed with lemmings as one appeared to be about to hurl itself over the cliff edge) on top of cliffs between Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay;
and finally the other end of the shop window in Church Street...sheep keyring on zip of fleece, embroidered sheep on pocket of fleece, long draught excluder sheep and a naughty wolf club glove puppet who just can't believe his luck at being displayed with all these sheep. Whoever did the window display here has a great sense of humour!
* The most amazing pub is the Birch Hall Inn, Beck Hole. It has two bars (one claiming to be the world's smallest) divided by a tiny little sweetshop, full of old-fashioned delights. I tried to take photos, but the camera batteries were on the blink, which is also why I didn't get a picture of the sheep on a house sign (The White House) in Beck Hole. As we sat outside the pub-- Graham with a half of Black Sheep Bitter, me with a half of cider, knitting away on scarf number 2-- an elderly lady walked past and said "now I've seen it all". Obviously ladies do not drink cider in Yorkshire!!! Or maybe men don't drink halves?
** The penny finally dropped when I explained the sheep challenge to the landlord of the aformentioned Inn

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Woolly Wormhead said...

Brilliant Rosie, absolutely brilliant! Can't decide what my faves are... keep it up ;)