Sunday, August 27, 2006

return of the Whitby wanderers, with 2.5 scarves

Blogger's in one of its "I've let you upload one photo so that's your lot" moods at the moment
so here's Graham looking back towards Whitby Abbey whilst we walked along the coast to Robin Hood's Bay last Monday. Note blue sky and sunshine! So much for the long-range weather forecast that predicted cold, wet weather. We had mainly bright sunshine, with just a few light showers and a distant thunder storm on the Wednesday. We realised on that first walk that we were going to have to carry more water with us. Lime and soda (or "slime and odour", as I like to say to Graham when he's off to order the drinks and, yes, he has ended up asking for that more than once!)has never tasted so good as the one I consumed in seconds at the first pub we encountered when we reached Robin Hood's Bay. If you're looking at the backpack Graham's wearing and wondering what on earth we had in there (apart from water) here's the list of essentails for a good day out: map, water, oat cakes (lots), chocolate (ditto), plasters, blister plasters, sunscreen, book and, of course, knitting. I knitted on the cliff tops, I knitted in pubs and cafes, I knitted on trains, I knitted whilst watching morris dancers, knitted during music sessions in the local taverns (it was Whitby Folk Week). In all, 2.5 scarves were whipped up in Whitby and environs (pix to follow). On the train from Middlesborough to Whitby a little boy picked up the yarn that I'd dropped on the floor, asked me what I was doing and then turned to his mother and said, very solemnly, "Mum, can we buy some knitting to do?" Mum replied that she'd plenty of yarn and needles at home so he could have a go then. Wonder if he will?

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