Thursday, May 04, 2006

sometimes it pays to be brave...

Did something I never, ever thought I'd do yesterday and ate an oyster (garnished with onion in red wine vinegar). It tasted excellent (maybe that was the onion or vinegar?!) But isn't there an old saying that you should only eat oysters when there's an "r" in the month? Hmm, maybe this month is really called "Mary"?

Work/life balance still seriously upset but I've cast on a new short row scarf using james brett's Marble yarn in rich autumnal reds. Which reminds me that I've not finished the spring greens. Hope I can remember where i've put the project. Turned up at the polling station to vote in the local election this evening and was thrown when I saw that if you lived in roads beginning A-M you went into one room, N-Z were in another...for a terrifying moment I couldn't remember my own address. Fortunately it was on my poll card. Hmm, is this brain rot from my punishing schedule, or is it the advent of the dreaded "senior moments"? (Don't answer that one!)


m said...

A month to myself!
That sounds great.
I was in Cambridge last weekend, but rushing around like mad visiting friends. Even after 11 years away I still get recognised.
I like it.

Mary deB said...

Good for you to eat an oyster!