Sunday, May 21, 2006

Wet but wonderful Sunday

Today almost got off to a disastrous start when spouse woke me up saying "ten to nine". What? No? Surely not? AArgh. Had just 12 minutes (max) to wash, dress, grab backpack and find cagoule. I'd arranged to meet my friend Tamy (who works in Singapore but has just arrived here in Cambridge for a research trip) in town by 10am so *had* to get the 9.10 bus. Somehow I made it! We sat around over coffee (and, in my case, cake...well, I'd not had breakfast, had I?) hoping that the lowering grey cloud would pass, but eventually decided to head out along the fen and then on to Granchester Meadows. The fields have turned into forests of cow parsley, with the odd buttercup just about peeping through on the margins. Really stunning and lush. But what is the mian requirement of lush fields? Why, yes, rain. Lots of it. All falling directly on me and Tamy. Now I actually rather enjoy rain (it makes my hair curlier, for one thing) so I marched on with my cagoule hood down, but Tamy was (sensibly) concerned not to catch a chill (this must be so different from Singapore!) . This meant that once in Granchester we had to go straight to a pub to warm up. (Such a pity, don't you think?) The Red Lion was the only one open before noon and, although the menu was a bit on the expensive side, we decided to dine there. Tamy was so excited that there were 3 vegetarian choices. I got a wet behind as I somehow managed to sit up against the hood of my cagoule. Not a good look when I stood up to leave... The "Ladies" was full of ladies wringing out wet socks, trying to wash mud off trousers, squeezing water out of hair etc. After lunch we walked back through the rain, with the meadows looking lusher still, then caught a glimpse of filming for "The Golden Age" (sequel to "Elizabeth", with Cate Blancett playing lead again). I know a few people who're extras in the film and, over the last few days, one of them has managed to get her neck badly sunburnt (Thu) only to get so cold in her costume the next day that she had to be wrapped up in blankets! Tells you a bit about English weather, doesn't it? But it was just so good catching up with Tamy, as we only manage to get together about once/year.

Once home (and dry), I set to work on preparing a handout on slip stitches/mosaic knitting. Thought I'd better test my instructions out before handing them over to the class, hence the sampler at the top of the page. (Yarns are a 4-ply by Stylecraft and Regia stretch). Note how Ms Lazybones here couldn't be bothered to work individual swatches. Still, I rather like the effect and (in the unexpected event of having some knitting time) feel that this could be inspiration for a baby jacket, or even some socks. Watch this space.


Mary deB said...

I like the very top sample best.
But tell us, what was there to see in Grantchester. I bet all the blossoms are off the trees now, given this weather. We need a few days of sun now to make my peonies open!

m said...

Your sampler has (possibly) just answered a question that has been rolling around in my head for thr past few days. I don't know when I'll have the time to do the sampling though.