Sunday, May 07, 2006


Fun and games here at the Baobab Tree today. (The Baobab Tree is our affectionate nickname for our house). How I wish I had a camera! A neighbour had hired a high-pressure cleaner to blast her patio free from dirt and algae, so we offered to split the cost with her and zap our patio, too. I just did the easy part (turning on the water, turning on the electricity) whilst Graham and Laura (my stepdaughter) did the dirty work. Despite wearing waterproofs and wellies they got very wet. And they had the most wonderful time. Poor old Jiminey cat was not happy, however.

Now that all the hard work is done I might just go and plant the lily of the valley, aquilegia, geranium and mallow that I bought whilst at the Sunday market this morning. For yes, I have a rare day off work. I've been spending it at the market, stocking up on birthday presents for important people and I'm brushing up my CV. Because, much as I love my job, it has meant that I've not been able to go on a course I'd booked with Horst Schultz, that I've arrived late for the evening class I teach (that's never happened before and will never happen again) and I've had to cancel a dayschool that I was going to teach. Once the resume is done I must get to work on preparing handouts and samples of mitered squares and modular fan shapes. Now that most certainly doesn't feel like work!

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