Thursday, May 18, 2006

the best loo roll cover in the world, ever

How I wish I'd had a camera at my disposal last night. During the "show and tell section" of the creative knitting class one of my students dipped into her bag saying "this was meant to be a hat but came out rather small" and produced a loo roll covered in a masterpiece. The sides were in short row waves (see post on marble yarn) alternating between red and blue, the top was a riot of red, green, blue and yellow short row wedges forming a circle. The very centre was filled in with a coil of bright green i-cord. It was stunning. Gill who'd made it said that it was one of her family who'd suggested the alternative use, unexpected but great fun. We (the rest of the class) ate trying to encourage her to adapt the pattern to fit a teapot so that she can enter the tea cosy competition in Knitting magazine. We spent the evening working on mitred squares which everyone enjoyed.

Just before the class I spent a happy couple of hours out hunting gifts for my SP. Great fun. Also ransacked the central library's collection of books on Art Nouveau for some web copy that I'm writing for HQ. And I dropped in at Sew Creative for a couple of balls of Elle Monet which may get turned into a crocheted scarf (that's the plan at the moment, anyway). All in all, a grand day off (just as well, as I'm working 6/7 for the next 3 weeks, just Sundays to unwind). Still, finally and offically got promoted today (yay!) so feeling more secure. Celebrated by escaping to Borders where got Debbie Stoller's new crochet book, called something along the lines of "Happy Hooking", thus reducing both Borders staff and my colleagues to fits of laughter. Lastly, realise that I've forgotten to mention that I've received my copy of Critical Essays on Sylvia Townsend Warner (Edwin Mellen Press) featuring a contribution by yours truly. I may have given up on the PhD, but at least I've got a souvenir!

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