Friday, April 28, 2006

oh what a week

a boring account of an exhausting week-- sun: work, home to prepare handout for Weds night course, back to work to cash up, home. mon: work. tue: work am, minor surgery pm. wed: lie in (til 8am!), work, teach evening class. thu: up at 6, off to meeting in St Albans, then travel to Oxfordshire. fri: writing packaging copy, travel home. Tomorrow sees me at work all day. I had thought that I'd finally get a whole day off on Sunday but, joy of joys, I have to be in at 7am for a stock take. at least I don't have to do the counting!

Highlight of the week was the evening class, where we created log cabin squares and made i-cord. I even got to do some knitting by demonstrating the techniques far more thatn was strictly necessary. When I got home there were two exciting packages waiting. One, looking like a blue cushion, was Marble yarn (James Brett) which I'd ordered from Dianne's Knitting Yarns as I think it is sufficiently self-striping to look good in short row projects; I'll find out with the class the week after next, and will report back. The other item was a log, encrusted in attractive lichen. this turns out to be impregnated with spores of oyster mushroom and is an inspired gift from my sister. DH has put it in the garden and I plan to inspect it sometime soon! Off to bed now, zzzzzzz

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Mary deB said...

Mmm, a log in the mail? I look forward to reports!