Monday, April 17, 2006

another FO

You can tell that I've finally had a day off, plus a late start this morning. Have actually finished the grey frilly scarf in Knitit. (See pic 1 on previous post). It used 2 balls and is just long enough to cross the ends over. I don't usually do frills (too much like my Sloane Ranger phase in the early 80s, sooner I draw a veil over that the better) but I like the look of the finished scarf, quite fun. The yarn really is something else. It looks a bit like bias binding but has the loose weave of a bandage. It is in two colours (dark grey/light grey; burgundy/ivory; dark pink/light pink; navy/bone) and you can choose which of those 2 colours you want as the frill and which as the ground.

I couldn't decide whether to strand the yarn in my left hand or my right and kept switching from one to the other (pretty much like when I crochet). I'm pleased with the end result but eager to get back to "real" knitting. Can feel some socks coming on, but also want to have a go at mitred log cabin squares before my creative knitting course starts next week!

And now some rather drunken concrete poetry, for cider lovers everywhere. (NB was it my fault that it was a Sunday bus service today and that I just missed a bus so had to go to the pub as I just couldn't face returning to my desk?)

On drinking a pint of Addlestone's (keg) too fast:

spin spinssssssss
spin spin pppppp
spin spin iiiiiiiiiiiiii
sppppppspin nnnnnnnn

Reckon those socks/log cabin squares had better wait a bit!

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Rosie said...

Well, so much for attempting concrete poetry... blogger doesn't like my spacing.