Monday, October 15, 2007


After getting home from work yesterday, and after adding a wild fringe to the latest ripple scarf (Meet Raspeberry Ripple, aka Ally Pally Ripple)

I decided it was time for a change(!). So, instead of starting yet another ripple scarf, I set to work on a neckwarmer. Shorter and narrower than a scarf, fastened with buttons, neckwarmers use less yarn, they take less time, you have all the fun of choosing buttons AND you can make them in ripple stitch.

Yes, I get to play with more colours, more often, and my pile of ripples grows even quicker. Result! These work up so quickly, in fact, that by lunchtime today I was off to Sew Creative to select my buttons.
This caused quite a few "Goldilocks" moments, as buttons were deemed too big, too small, too green (?! since green is my favourite colour, I'd have thought that too green is an impossibility but, alas, no) and also (though the flash fails to do justice to the problem here) too blue:

But then Linda (who had been very patient whilst I played with her entire stock) made an intriguing suggestion. "Try the blue ones upside down". So I did and look:

Linda is a genius! (And Graham is a good model).


jayne said...

eizmrWow, I thought you'd be all rippled out by now! I don't know how you manage to get through your yarn so quickly - I didn't go to Ally Pally this year (boo hoo!)because I still have a BIG bag full of yarn that I bought last year! Oh, and I'm still in "knit from stash" mode!Again, Rosie, lovely work!Keep rippling!

picperfic said...

you are so busy with your crochet...I really like the idea of the smaller scarf.

Terri Lynn said...

clever is this neckwarmer! I love it! I gotta know more about Ally Pally!