Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And the winner is...

6.05pm and our judge is rudely awoken from a nap. He is given his fee (he asked me if I could scan and enlarge some pictures from his childhood) and then given the pattern and captions. "Too crude". "Knitted moustache?". "What's Grecian 2000?". "Who's Jason King?" and suddenly a large grin spreads across his face. "This one", he said

"Hmmm, next time I go for a Brazilian, I think he'd better come too...."

And so, I hereby declare that Monkee Maker is the winner! Embarassingly, I've just won a prize in a draw on her blog but Graham was blisfully unware of that. We have, however, subsequently done a lucky dip of all the other entries, and I hereby declare Jayne as runner up. I'm about to email both of you for your snail mail addresses.

And thanks to everyone who took part, there's been quite a bit of giggling as I've found the comments in my in-box.

ps Graham (who has been consulting Style magazine, a publication that those of you who live in Cambridge will know well) tells me that "a Brazilian takes 15 minutes and a Hollywood takes 30 minutes". At this point (knowing more about Jason King and Grecian 2000 than about the waxing of ladies' nether regions) I had to ask the difference. I wish I hadn't!


picperfic said... hah! I laughed out loud at MonkeyMakers comment so I'll go with Graham on that score...I used to do sugaring, which is hair removal, just like waxing...but I never did the fancy stuff ;^)

Spinningfishwife said...

Don't worry...I don't know the difference either. (And I don't feel I need to.....)

vintage twist said...

So funny!

E-J said...

Yuk! (on all counts!!)

Happy birthday Rosie! x