Wednesday, October 31, 2007

(crocheted) flower power

Actually, before we get on to the knitting content, a brief frog update: Graham and I have both spent quite some time over at "Miss Fangs*"'s house, with the kitchen door left wide open, hoping that the frog will find its way out again, but we really don't know whether/not the frog is back outdoors. We can't see it inside but it is such a tiny creature that it could have insinuated itself who knows where. The cat's owners have been informed!

And now: an outbreak of corsage making!

The last few days have been devoted to making a stock of corsages to sell. I love diving into the bag of my most colourful leftovers (or raiding my cotton perle threads) and seeing what combinations I can come up with, then working a spiral (or an irish rose), then adding wavy borders and (sometimes) decoration in the middle.

What I do not like is sewing brooch backs on, so I do that once I've a large batch of flowers. Thus it was that I sewed on 19 brooch backs yesterday...

And here's a picture of another item that I made last week, but was unable to blog at the time, as it was a gift for someone who visits the blog from time to time.
This scarf designed itself, I swear it did. Again, I raided my stash and found some Rowan Cotton Chenille, a little bit of a kid mohair blend that toned and some wonderful Jo Sharp yarn (a SkipNorth bargain) for the picot edge. It was huge fun to make and lots of people came to ask what it was as I crocheted away in various buses and coffee bars in and around Cambridge.

Oh, and fellow ripplers will be pleased to hear that another ripple stitch scarf is close to completion!

* cat's name changed to protect identity (and actually this is how I refer to her, as the first time I had to look after her she had major tooth trouble!)

Finally, remember that the caption competition closes at 6pm GMT tonight!

Results will be revealed tomorrow...


Mary deB said...

I am still speechless about that photo of the hair/moustache duo. Too bad...

picperfic said...

lovely scarf and brooches crochet almost as fast as I knit!