Friday, October 26, 2007

doing a double-take

I've long cherished the dream of owning an Edward Bawden print,so was thrilled to find this delightful greetings card a few weeks ago:

How could I resist? I then shot straight to a nearby picture-frame shop to get a smart frame for it, and it is currently on my dressing table, waiting for he-who-is-better-at-hammering to affix it to the wall.

So imagine my surprise today when, in the gift shop at the truly amazing Kettle's Yard, I spotted this card:

See the picture above the fireplace? That's "my" Edward Bawden, that is. Flipped the card over to see who the artist-with-the-penchant-for-Bawden is. Answer: Richard Bawden, who turns out to be Eric Bawden's son. This card is published by ART Angels, who also publish work by Angie Lewin, one of my more recent discoveries.
Anyway, guess who's off to buy a matching frame tomorrow, so that we can have the two images juxtaposed on the bedroom wall.

And speaking of he-who-is-better-at-hammering, a concerned friend writes "There seem to be rather a lot of pictures of your beloved in strange poses recently, I hope he doesn’t mind!". Well, Sue, I can reassure you that I always ask his permission before uploading his likeness to my blog, but (since seeing the picture that inspired the caption competition--scroll back a couple of days on this here blog, still plenty of time to enter--) he has now asked me to try to avoid getting his neck in the frame when he models the latest FOs. Here's one of them:

A nicely-curling scarf made from some of my Ally Pally sock yarn haul. Look! No ripples. The other item I've finished in the last couple of days is also ripple-free, but must remain secret for a little while... I would like to reassure regular readers, however, that I do now have another ripple project on the hook.

I'm also trying to decide what to make with the yarn that Sue surprised me with yesterday. Here it is, accompanied by lovely fungus photo:

Isn't the yarn gorgeous?
Sue reckons there'll be enough for a waistcoat, so I'm looking forward to finding/designing a suitable pattern. I very naughtily treated myself to the new Weardowney book yesterday, so am thinking 3-D sculptural. But then the Weardowney models are all about a UK size 6, and the patterns are all for a max size of about 34" bust...not sure whether my cuddly form needs any extra dimensions!


jayne said...

The scarf looks lovely, nice colours. So do you think you've kicked the ripple habit? Please don't go cold turkey on us, Rosie! That book looks gorgeous! Is it new, I haven't come across it before? Oh, and thanks for finding me over on Ravelry - I was seriously impressed as I hadn't put my username out, well done!

picperfic said...

I will have to come and have a look at your Weardowney book, I looked at it a few times but the reviews put me off a bit. Love the way you found those prints, how special that the second one contains the first one...amazing find!