Thursday, August 09, 2007

strange slogans on t-shirts

I've always been a bit fussy about words on t-shirts. In my early teens I fell in love with a beautiful design in C&A but then spotted that the "French" slogan was really just gibberish. So back on the rail it went.

Alas, the many teenagers currently studying at Cambridge's many language schools are less concerned. In the last 10 days I've spotted

* "let the fon begin"
(as a hopeless typist myself I suspect that this one is just a typo)

* "if I want to make stool in my pants now, you are the only one who can stop me"

* "100% B&B Chivalry Style Sportwear made in Texas"(this one even had some washing instruction icons printed underneath it)

let me know if you spot anything interesting!

1 comment:

Mary deB said...

I bet that second one is a bad translation of some mildly offensive saying ... a very bad translation, one hopes.