Sunday, August 12, 2007

only in Cambridge...

The infamous Cambridge "bin busker" is back. Follow the link and you'll see that this is a chap who sits inside a rubbish bin, with just the neck of his guitar sticking out, serenading passers-by and those of us waiting at the Bridge Street bus stop.

So there I was, enjoying the strains of "where do you go to my lovely," when suddenly the bin busker was drowned out by an amplified voice singing "if I were a rich man". The new, more high-tech busker, was being pedalled round in a tri-shaw, which was doing a very short circuit centred on, yes, the Bridge Street Busker.

Busker Wars! Whatever next?


Lyndsey-Jane said...

How funny! Almost worth braving the streets of Cambridge on a saturday in the summer for. I avoid the city like the plague on saturdays in the summer, I just have no tolerance for the tourists (which is pretty ironic considering I've only lived her since 2003) I'm same with obvious tourists wherever I go. I have to go to London in a couple of weeks and get really antsy at at people who just stop to take random photos

fluffbuff said...

How bizarre. I had never heard of bin buskers!