Saturday, August 25, 2007

Having a monster time...

Peace and quiet have returned to our home as the nieces were collected by their mother at 1pm, to be taken on to Nanny and Grandad. Actually, their visit was much quieter than it might have been, as Fashion Victim was unable to play the guitar she'd brought with her!

As you will see, Uncle Graham decided to exploit Miss Pegs's youthful energy:

Yesterday was spent crafting: friendship bracelets, hand-painting yarn and sewing monsters, inspired by the fantastic ones in Monda's etsy shop. Here's a close-up (taken by Fashion Victim) of some of our efforts:

(Somehow I don't think we'll be competing with Monda for Etsy sales, but these were huge fun to make!)

This morning was spent in the garden, soaking up the unexpectedly bright weather:

(The models' hats kindly loaned by Uncle Graham. Note very shy model on the right!)

Yet more friendship bracelets were produced, bubbles were blown and FV got to play with auntie's camera:

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picperfic said...

it's hard work keeping these young people entertained...all my craft boxes have been used up, I need more supplies, of everything!