Friday, August 17, 2007

secret things, exciting things

Yippee, I've just had details of the person I'm spoiling in SP11. And just in case the person spoiling me has dropped in, head back to my entry on 7 August to view the SP11 questionnaire.

Now I must go and transform the kitchen into a dyeing zone, as Marianne and Maisie are coming to play this afternoon and I've bought pale yellow silk, patchily faded mauve merion and odds and ends of strangely-textured nylon yarns and ribbons to experiment with. (And thanks to Liz, for tipping me off that nylon yarns need a good prewash and musn't have any areas left unpainted, unless I want white dots!)

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Heather said...

Have great fun with the dyeing - I look forward to seeing the results!