Monday, August 13, 2007

Absence of knitting content...

I'm in a grumpy don't-know-what-to-make-next mood. And I'm beginning to wonder whether I should change the name of this blog!

Since escaping from the joys of retail management 10 weeks ago (10 weeks already?!) I have only one knitted FO to report (a pair of modular knit bootees, designed and dyed by me. They sold rather faster than I expected, so I failed to get a photo of them!).

But I've handpainted 14 skeins of yarn and crocheted at least 8 scarves (mainly in chevrons using yarns that provide plenty of colour changes like Twilleys Freedom Spirit and Rowan Tapestry). I've made a very strange hat: it doubles up as a drawstring bag and would be ideal for a medieval peasant who suddenly came across oh, I don't know, truffles. I've crocheted and felted a slightly lopsided but altogether lovely basket to hold my lipstick collection. And I've lost count of how many corsages and brooches I've made (I'd hazard a guess at around 20). I've been doing a brisk trade in these via Cambridge country market and the scarves are destined for there, too, once the weather cools down.

On the hook at the moment is a crochet bootee from a 1970s pattern. I'm still a bit uncertain about my patten reading skills when it comes to crochet and this is more of a "recipe" book, by which I mean it will say things like "crochet along side of foot, across toe, down side of foot and across heel" but doesn't tell you how many stitches to crochet up from the sides. It looks a bit weird and puckered!

Ideas started and abandoned include my old amour Edgar, but worked with crocheted mitres, rather than knitted ones. I dabbled with this on Saturday and it looked quite good but, as I hate crocheting the first row from a foundation chain, and this pattern requires stitches to be added every few rows, I gave up.

So now I'm looking for a simple project demanding zilch concentration to work on at tomorrow night's KTog.One that doesn't involve crochet. Or chevrons.

Edited to correct links (thanks to Mary for the heads up!) I'm used to Blogger swallowing my photos but it has only done this to my links once before...


Mary deB said...

Hey, Rosie. Check your links, because I can't remember who Edgar is, and the link... doesn't take me anywhere good.
I have too many knitting projects, but none of them is perfect for sitting in a pub, so in your shoes I'd just have to start another, too!

picperfic said...

you made me smile about the hat come bag! You seem to have been very busy lately so really you should be pleased with yourself. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I can feel I have lots of questions to ask you!