Sunday, October 15, 2006

questions, questions

We've been asked to answer a few more questions for SP, so here goes... I have to say that the only one I found easy to answer was "favourite yarn"! I don't really think about having favourites, there's a whole world out there to explore. (Oh, and for any cynical friends saying "yes, but we all know your favourite drink" it was a close-call, I do like a G&T now and then, as several of you witnessed on Tuesday, ahem).

List your favorite:

Actor - I don't watch many films or much TV, so this one is rather difficult. But I do go all gooey over Luke Wilson and the spectaculalry desirable man who plays Dr Kovac in ER. Hmm, which one? Make it the guy who plays Dr Kovac...
Actress - Juliette Binoche made a real impression when I saw _The English Patient_ quite a few years ago.
Animal - hare. I also love it when I find frogs and hedgehogs in the garden. Favourite bird: owl.
Band - Rolling Stones, though my tastes really veer towards world, early and classical music.
Book - only one?! Then it will have to be a poetry anthology. The one I keep dipping into is _The Thunder Mutters: 101 Poems for the Planet_ edited by Alice Oswald.
Bubble Bath - my favourite addition to a bath is one of Lush's bath melts, especially the "Nude" variety. But they don't create bubbles. So I'll have to say Faith in nature's foam baths, especially the seaweed one. The most important thing is that my bath products are cruelty-free and as natural as possible.
Candy - dark chocolate, especially if combined with cherries or ginger. If you don't count choc as candy, I've recently discovered some gelatine-free sour jelly babies, far healthier than the Haribo Tangfastics I sometimes gorge myself on.
Colour - Green, but not bottle or kelly green-type greens (too much like my school uniform!), I prefer sharp greens, mudgy greens, olive greens, yellow greens, acid greens.
Drink- I love cloudy, sharp, apple juices, especially if they've been fremented. Oh, let's be honest: I'm a cider drinker!
Flower - Aquilegia. But I find autumn fruit and baerries and fungus every bit as beautiful.
Food - a plate laden with celery, rye and caraway bread and goat's cheese (not the very hard kind of goat's cheese, and not the soft spready sort, either, it has to be one of those log-shaped ones, mmm) . And can I have thinly-sliced apple (a nice sharp one) and some grapes on there, too, please? (Plus, if the vegetarian members of the family aren't watching, some air-dried ham eg parma).
Lip Balm - now, here, I really am defeated. I don't like anything too soft and gooey (prefer sticks to pots), it has to be cruelty-free and I prefer organic. Not big on flavoured ones, but my husband gave me a nice one with a little hint of honey that he got free from somewhere.
Lotion - Neal's Yard cocoa butter body lotion, it has the most glorious smell, from the frankincense, I think.
Movie - For a feelgood movie: _Practical Magic_. (Though I thinked I like the original book, by Alice Hoffman, even more). And I have every Wallace & Grommit film! (Strictly for the knitting scenes, you understand). But as a teenager I was totally captivated by _Lacombe, Lucien_, set in wartime France, it is the heartbreaking tale of a boy who is refused entry to the Resistance, so becomes a Nazi sympathiser, just because they'll let him join in, only then he falls in love with a Jewish girl. I wonder how I'd feel about the film if I saw it again now?
Place- none in particular but I'm at my happiest walking along windswept coasts and by rivers. And I do love the study in our house. It has a radio/cd player, comfy chairs, the computer, lots of books, a little yarn, two desks and (more often than not) my husband.
Song - Well, if I had a glorious singing voice I think I'd spend my days singing "The Irish Rover". And I've finally got the wherewithal to play my vinyl collection again (yay!) so keep singing along tunelessly to "Love Over and Over" by Kate and Anna McGarrigal.
TV Show - None (unless you count my ER habit, which is strictly for the pleasure of Dr Kovac) Yarn- Noro silver thaw, closely followed by Noro silk garden.
Vacation Spot - this is even harder than favourite book! I give up!

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Mary deB said...

That's quite the bunch of questions! I wish I could have had a wee G&T with you on Tuesday...