Saturday, October 28, 2006

Perfect day!

Details and pictures will follow tomorrow, but can you imagine anything better than a day spent teaching modular knitting, bumping into a SkipNorth friend (hello Ellen!), heading off to Loop (with Ellen plus Jane and Marjorie who were also modular knitting with me) for a spot of retail therapy, then finding that Erika Knight had dropped in, with some of her fantastic designs, to promote her 2 new books. I floated back to Camrbidge on a cloud, then returned home to find a parcel stuffed full of treats (kniterly and otherwise) from a secret pal, who is known to me only as the "secret socker".

This is my last Saturday off between now and January, so I knew it would be special, but I didn't know how special.

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Liz said...

Oh, glad you had a good one! You deserve it... I bumped into Ellen at Ally Pally - hi again, Ellen!