Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cat joins knitting circle

Had huge fun at the KTog at the Cambridge Blue last night, where we were joined by Ajax, the pub cat. You can see a picture of him here. And, yes, for the second time within a week my image has been captured on film. That's me on the right of the picture. I'm amazed that Bekki's camera survived!

As ever, there were lots of gorgeous projects being worked on (especially Julie's crochet and Liz's shawl), and a great deal of laughter. It was good to see lots of bits of stash that had been traded during the two recent stash swaps being put to good use, too.

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Wye Sue said...

If you had told me that Kate who went to Colinette saw you often I could have given her the cider !!!
As it was Diane from C. has drunk it for you.. she said it was very good ;-)
Who do you know that is going to Harrogate that is willing to carry ??