Sunday, March 23, 2008

White Easter!

Graham has gone to church

but I can't decide whether to create more anemones (Scarlet took this picture at the KTog party on Wednesday night, where Anne got to work on a fabulous collection of sea slugs) for the crocheted reef.

or to do more work on young Radish. There is just one word for my spinning efforts to date, and it isn't fit for public consumption. Let's just say that we're having brake tension issues. Fine tuning has never been my strong point, but I seem to lurch from "too overtwisted to move through the orifice" to "so little twist that once through the orifice it snaps". Last night I spun some pencil roving into mad twirls but it is back to the fleece today (special thanks to Wye Sue for sending me a large bag of "play fleece").

(Oh dear, I think maybe I need to do some tidying up whilst Graham is out! And, no, that's not the chair I sit in to spin!)

Frustratingly, Blogger is refusing to let me upload pictures of the wonderful Easter goodies that Monkee Maker sent me for coming up with a mad name for her delightful crocheted pigeon. Suffice to say that I've eaten the eggs already, and the knitted muffin (with mad eyes and twirling moustache) deserves a post of its own anyway!

So I shall end by sending you

(found this card in an antiques centre in Ely)

Now--forget all that crafty stuff I was planning to do: I'm off to play in the snow, whee!!!


Lyndsey-Jane said...

We had late night last night, nothing interesting thought I was doing some uni work and whilst in the 'zone' didn't feel tired so got to bed at 3am this morning, therefore we sleep in late and all the snow had melted. :(
I got my drop spindle out this week and understand the frustration although I am veering towards blaming my spindle as it isn't spinning for long and not very balanced. Looing to order a new one very soon. Happy Easter!

Clare said...

Snow! How fantastic. Thanks for visiting my blog - am enjoying reading over yours, your spinning looks great!

The Mushroom said...

Hello Rosie !
I made a mistake, I wrote to you in the other blog "knit cambridge"...
Anyway, I'm happy you like the snow too !!