Wednesday, March 05, 2008

what a knitcase...

There was great excitement here on Monday, caused by the arrival of a parcel.

It has to be admitted (and no doubt you've already realised) that Graham and I are both about 5 years old at heart. So even though the parcel was addressed to me, we both had to be there when it was opened. Off came the paper to reveal:

A stylish little case. The catches were opened, the lid lifted, the exciting burgundy tissue paper peeld back and lo!

and behold!

Knitting goodies galore, and more (apologies for the sideways picture, my HP software has not been playing ball for the last couple of days!) Some Posh Yarns Laura, in Camelot colourway (combining earthy browns with a luscious, vibrant green). Some Elsbeth Lavold Angora (squeeze those skeins). A delightfully sheepy card (revealing that all these goodies had come from my UK Swap Pal Heather). Green and Black's dark choc with cherries ("ooh, look" said Graham, "your favourite". Yes, indeed, and it is going to Skipnorth with me, I must try not to eat it before I get there!). Twiglets (these were opened straight away and, despite my reputation for being "the Twiglet Piglet, *"I have been rationing myself, and there are still a few left for tomorrow evening). An elegant silk corsage, in berry shades. A decadent candle, scented with ginger (we've been enjoying wonderfully relaxing candle-lit baths thanks to this) and, best of all, the perfect notions bag. You can see the beautiful green outside, but the inside is a work of art: bright green fabric strewn with polka dots, pockets and little loops with press studs for retaining useful things: such as the green stitch markers, the tape measure and the little bag of buttons that were inside it. Heather made this herself and it is perfect. As Graham's hand hovered over the chocolate, and as he went to put the candle in the bathroom, I rushed off for my prized Susan Bates crochet hook set and my indispensable Cibi. They fit! they fit! No more unglamorous plastic bags in my knitting bag.

I'm overwhelmed by how perfect these gifts are, and how carefully chosen. And I love the note explaining that the Elsbeth Lavold yarn is "an extra" from Heather's stash. Thank you so very much.

* I've been known as The Twiglet Piglet since time immemorial. I have my darling Ma to blame for the irritatingly catchy name!


Monica said...

Ooo What a lovely parcel! Yum... cherry chocolate.

picperfic said...

oooh have been so spoiled....! Twiglet piglet haha!!

Daisy said...

Oh wow, what a fab parcel!

Heather said...

So glad you liked it :0)

E-J said...

What a fabulous - and stylishly presented - parcel.

"... even though the parcel was addressed to me, we both had to be there when it was opened." How sweet! It is easy to love a partner who shares in one's childlike glee at things.

I'm also thrilled to hear you are a Twiglet fan! I knew you were a classy lady!! In my childhood, when they were made by Peek Freans and were longer than the stumpy little Twiglets you get nowadays, I used to happily devour an entire box of them at one sitting.

Now we just have to ensure that there are little bowls of Twiglets sitting on the table at the Ely KTog et nous serons des femmes comblées ...

Monkee Maker said...

Heavens to Mergatroid - how many goodies?? I love that they came in their own case too.

Twiglets though? Yuuuuuuuck *shudders*. I guess they're like Marmite .... you either love them or hate them. Now the Green & Blacks .... that's an entirely different matter!


natalie said...

How many sleeps until your new toy arrives?