Tuesday, March 18, 2008

UK crochet coral reef project

Well, the spinning wheel and I are still at the treddling stage (but not for much longer, I'm getting steadier, and rarely let the wheel slip into reverse now). In the meantime, here's what's been filling my time.

(This one may be a coral, but, flipped over, it also has jellyfish potential...)

A trio of sea anemones.

A hyperbolic sea slug (which I may keep, as it is made from yarn I had-painted and would make a rather striking bracelet).

These are for the UK Coral Reef project. I've blogged about this in much greater detail (and with links to some truly awe-inspiring work) at the KnitCambridge blog

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egater said...

Hi Rosie! Have a beautiful springtime and Easter! I didn't sign up to these swaps :) I just let others know that they may take part of these swaps. But now I think that sign up in one apron swap :)