Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm back!

Sorry about the recent silence; I've had rather a lot of pain in my neck/elbows/hands recently and it got so bad that I decided to go for at least a week without any knitting, crocheting or typing. Of course, having rested, things did get better but after my knitting and crochet fast I've been going overboard and the pain is back again. Grr. I'm going to take things gently and then if that doesn't work I'll hie me to an osteopath. Needless to say, with my hands so still I've been quite crotchety (makes a change from the crochet, I suppose) but I've been enjoying day trips by bus to Ely (a favourite haunt) and, for the first time ever to Saffron Walden, pictured below.

As you can see, Mr Caught Knitting came along to Saffron Walden, too. We had a fabulous time. So many medieval buidlings to admire, some extraordinary shops (one sells second hand books and bric-a-brac, I stepped back from some bookshelves and nearly collided with three long wooden poles, £35 each, which originally came from a four poster bed)and The Fry Gallery which is a must-see if, like me, you've loved Edward Bawden's work ever since childhood and fell in love with a Ravilious lemonade set about 10 years ago... The landscape around Saffron Walden is far more undulating than my usual haunts.
I've also taken the train to Norwich again, with members of the KTog crew KTog crew)

Here they are with their swag from Norfolk Yarn (full story here). I've finally realised that the best way to avoid being in a group shot is to be the person taking the photo!

When not out and about I've guzzled several novels (including some great secondhand finds, by long-time favourite authors like Elizabeth Goudge and Elizabeth Pewsey, who are so different from each other. Goudge's novels are decidedly moral--though not without their moral dilemmas-- but Pewsey writes about a bunch of upper-middle class bedhoppers with extravagent names: Quinta, Finella, Sylvester...).

Mentioning books reminds me that I've signed up for a very intriguing swap on Zoe's blog: the idea is that you select a novel that mentions knitting and was written before 1960, make a bookmark and use it to mark the page that mentions knitting then enclose some other little treats.


Heather said...

Hope your neck/elbows/hands are on the mend, not fun :-( At least you have been on some good outings in your non-knit and crochet time.

fluffbuff said...

So sorry to hear about your neck/hand pain. I hope you can find a way to get rid of the pain and resume knitting and crocheting.

ambermoggie said...

I wondered why it had been so quiet:))
Seriously I hope things improve Rosie, it is awful when you get continuous pain especially doing something you love
Take care

SusieH said...

WElcome back - I too have been absent from the blogosphere, because of guest touring duty etc. Saffron Walden looks like a must-see to me!

Probably Jane said...

I hope you are soon back on top form.

Can't wait to see you start spinning!

Thanks for the photos of Saffron Walden - must visit - I didn't realise it was so lovely.

Karen said...

Hope all's well with you soon, Rosie. Love the sound of the Fry Gallery - I've noted their Bawden/Ravilious book.

Zoe said...

Oh that's my nearest yarn shop. Glad you had a nice time.