Wednesday, April 16, 2008

this week's crop

Thanks for all the kind thoughts about my achey hands etc. As you can see, things have been much better this week:

Four crocheted, felted "sea anemone" storage pots, using various shades of Twilleys Freedom Spirit

Fifteen crocheted brooches, using oddments of yarn (mainly DK), some handpaitned by me. Not sure that the yellow yarn works with the colours I've used with it!

But I'm wondering whether I've overdone the crocheting, as I managed to drop a cup of iced tea all over myself at Cambridge Botanical Gardens this morning. Oh well, at least it was iced tea and not hot! And at least I didn't slip over on the stepping stones like one unfortunate person whom we saw. Happily he didn't get too wet... And then there was the poor grandmother who'd lost her grandson. Just as she disappeared from sight, we heard her grandson calling her. So Graham set off in one direction, I ran in the other and, eventually, everyone was reunited. I forgot to take my camera with me so here, instead, is a rare picture of me, one which Graham took a year ago today in the Botanical Gardens in Durban, South Africa:

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Heather said...

Beautiful pots - I love them :0)