Saturday, July 15, 2006

You Had To Be There

I really struggle to put into words the sheer delight of the Cambridge Knit Togethers (our local S'n'B). Today the extraordinary temperature seems to have cut numbers right back, though Avril, Emily and I had a wonderful time knitting whilst basking in the sun. Avril was at work in a cardi in the most luscious shades of green and burgundy and Emily set to work on her first-ever sock (her first-ever go on four needles, too). But it was the Tuesday meeting that I shall never forget! I'd gone feeling rather world-weary but am so glad that I did. It wasn't just the knitting (socks, socks, more socks, a baby's bolero and Jackie's ultra-gorgeous-I'm-going-to-have-to-steal-it Koigu shell) it wasn't just the helpfulness of other knitters when someone is bogged down in the finer points of an abstruse pattern, it wasn't just the, it was the conversation. Monogamous knitting, the links between modernity and fundamentalism and creative ways to overcome insomnia...To get an idea of what the evening was like, head here. I think that I'm going to have to give it a go!

It was also the last time that Mary was able to knit with us, as she's off home to Canada. We first found Mary when four intrepid members of the KTog group ventured outside Cambridge to go to this little outpost of paradise en route to this amazing event. Whilst in the yarn shop we overheard someone saying something about "train from Cambridge", so when we spotted her again en route to the big event we introduced ourselves and got her email. And Mary, in turn, put us in touch with various knit bloggers around Cambridge, and she was instrumental in creating Team Cambridge during the Knitting Olympics.

Who needs to network when you belong to a knitting group?


Anne said...

It was good wasn't it! I really value having a group where I'm not Adam or Ruth's mummy, I'm not John's wife, I'm not "Mi-iss", I'm just Anne. And we knit too!

Liz said...

Sorry I missed this afternoon - was wandering around Open Studios in Chesterton, looking at fabulous metal etching, jewellery etc... I'll be back on the 25th though...