Saturday, July 22, 2006

anniversary gifts for knitters

Here we are, Rosie's cut-out-and-leave-lying-where-your-partner-will-find-it guide to what to buy on that special day! No partner right now? Take the age you'll be on your birthday and divide the figure up into smaller numbers then persuade your best mates/mum/cat that as you'll be 46 (well, I will, anyway) that makes 4 (linen) times 10 (tin) plus 3 (leather) plus 5 (wood) minus 1 (paper), so you'll give the wrapping back, and (on reflection) possibly check your maths! But you get my drift...

I've used the list of anniversaruies supplied by Wikipedia:
1 year: paper... a year's subscription to Interweave Knits/Selvedge magazine (that way you'll get gifts throughout they year, yay!)
2 years: cotton... enough choice cotton yarn to make a stunning garment
3 years: leather (wow!)...enough pliable leather thonging to knit a belt/make bag handles/a bag
4 years: linen ...that has to be more yarn, I feel
5 years: wood ... needles, the selection should include birch, surina and rosewood
6 years: iron ... how about a steamer to help with blocking (OK, so it isn't meant to be *that* kind of iron)
7 years: wool ... yes, oh yes, oh, yes, oh,oh (moving swiftly on...)
8 years: bronze ...this calls for a specially commissioned piece of jewellery with a knitting theme
9 years:copper...more jewellery
10 years: tin (or aluminium) ... a tin trunk bursting with yarn, or a selection of aluminium needles, preferably in gorgeous colours
11 years: steel ... traditional steel knitting pins (dpns) with a knitting sheath to anchor them (hey! you could have the sheath for your leather anniversary)
12 years: silk ...even more yarn, I'm loving this!
13 years: lace ...lace patterns/books with accompanying laceweight yarn
14 years: real ivory here, that's cruel, but how about some ivore casein needles (Boye make them, I think)
15 years: crystal... more knitting themed jewellery. Actually, no, I think it is high time to go for the champgne flutes (plus the champagne, of course).
25 years: silver ... silver-plated needles, silver stitch markers...
and, unblievable as it might sound...
80 years: Oak ... personally, I'd go for a mega-comfy rocking chair but if you've got offspring, how about a trunk for all those heirlooms you've knitted up over the years? (Have just realised that at this point I'll be 124 and my husband 145, so we're probably talking coffins, though actaully I want to go for a green burial in cardboard when my time comes!)

Please add your suggestions!


Wye Sue said...

Problem is that you haven't given quantities - does a pair of wooden needles mean 10 years or just 5.. you could get sooo much more stuff that way;-)
Cheating I'd go for a set of posh wooden single points =5.
Some silk = 12.
Some lace knitting supplies = 13.
some wool = 7.
and three lots of paper subs = 3.
I can give you my address if you like, first week in September ;-)

Wibbo said...

I have a Big Birthday coming up next month. Now, who can I persuade to give me several tin trunks bursting with yarn? This is a really nice idea, Rosie!

Bagpuss said...

Sorry i didn't reply to your comment before but since i did the Rece for Life on Sunday i have been pretty tired. In hindsight it wasn't the bestplan considering but what the hell you live once! As you may have gathered i can't make the meet tonight but i will definetly make next months. I thought the evening meet were gonna be aproblem due to buses but they do run that late to Bar Hill, so see you next month.

Yvonne said...

Duly printed and left in obvious places for birthday next week and silver wedding anniversary in October - hum a combined present could be pretty spectacular!