Sunday, July 02, 2006

hot, hot, hot

wouldn't you know it? the temperature soared yesterday, so the aircon broke down at work (lots of other electrical equipment was affected, too, including the lights, but not the till so we were still able to trade). I now know far more about "phases" and power cuts than I ever wanted to! Luckily everything was up and running again by 12.15, so I went down to the basement and calmed down with some short rows (my ultimate meditation practice). I'd have done that earlier if it weren't for the fact that all the basement lights were affected, too (but not the CCTV screen, which glowed eerily). And big thanks to Open Air (neighbouring outdoor activities store) for lending us a torch so that we could visit our basement to use the "facilities" when required...). the day took an even better turn when I got home to an email telling me that my amazon order is on its way. yay! Mason Dixon knitting for me and something top secret for my secret pal!

On the hooking front, curly whirly is finished and looks very fine. Graham says it is more like jewellery than a scarf but also says that it looks like slug genitalia...(I have only myself to blame as those of you who heard my comments whilst working with Wendy Knitit will realise!)

Finally: anyone got any recommendations for digital cameras? I want something that will take knitting pix for blog, glorious landscape shots and general mugshots. also, is there anything that can edit out my double chin?

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gourdongirl said...

It was hot hot hot when we left Cockermouth this morning after being at woolfest. However as soon as we crossed the Border into Scotland the heavens opened and we were engulfed in a thunder storm which more or less seemed to follow us home!!!

Don't know how to get rid of double chins, if I did I would be first in line!!!
Shona x