Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chaos Central

Well, guess which household has chosen the hottest time of the year to replace almost all the ground floor carpets?! Spouse has spent most of w/end moving furniture and ripping up carpet from the hallway and spare room but today we have to get to work on the study. This means that I have to clear my foot-high stack of random paperwork (some crucial, some rubbish) off my desk, and the foot-high piles of paperwork off the floor. And I have to disconnect this computer for a couple of days (so you will experience blissful peace and quiet).

First of all, though, I'm going to remove my little cache of SP goodies and put them somewhere both safe and obvious! Not only do I have a couple of packages lined up for the person I'm spoiling but I've also just received a card from the lovely person spoiling me. I started to open it last night and then remembered that she'd emailed me asking me not to open it until a parcel arrvies as the card mentions what's in the parcel. This is *very* exciting.

And now I must go into removal mode and start excavating the desk. Last time we had to turn this room upside down was when our darling kitty bought a mouse in. speaking of said cat, we were joking the other evening about how she's given up briding and mousing during the heatwave. half an hour later we had a freshly-killed mouse on the patio. Jiminey had obviously taken our comments to heart!

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