Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So there I was, hard at work with the t*x r*t*rn, when Graham came in brandishing a big jiffy bag. Addressed to me. A big, soft, squishy, very promising sort of a jiffy bag. From Estonia. The lovely Siret has sent me a New year gift: dark chocolate with cherries in (my dream chocolate, in fact) and the most beautiful cakes of yarn I have ever seen in my whole life: softest, loftiest, roving/lopi type in autumnal colours. I must take photos for you: words won't do it justice! But first, having completed the you-know-what (and here I really must thank the wonderful staff on the Inland Revenue help desk), I'm off to celebrate by going to see St Trinians. (I hope they still have the same school song. I hope nobody in the audience takes any notice of a strange middle aged lady crocheting and singing).


ambermoggie said...

oh look forward to seeing your yarn:)
hope you enjoyed St Trinians, I think I too would be singing along. I always wished I'd gone to a school like that:))

Zoe said...

Hi Rosie

Thanks for your nice comment. I enjoyed Larkrise and thought it had a nice feelgood factor and loved the costumes. Not all of our Eng Lit choices were great but we did also do VW To The Lighthouse. Hope you enjoy Norfolk Yarn. Loop is good in London if you get a chance to go.

egater said...

Hi Rosie!
I'm so glad that you got it! I was already worried :)