Friday, January 11, 2008

Misty Mountain Hop!

Thanks to my (blogless) sister for putting me out of my misery: the Led Zep track accompanying the Larkrise to Candleford trailer is Misty Mountain Hop.
Thanks Hilla!

ps: Enjoy! (Guess what poor Graham is going to have to listen to when the caldo verde is served...)
pps: do follow the links to other Led Zep tracks: the "video" to Trampled Underfoot has to be my all-time favourite rock video ever.


Mary deB said...

My husband sold that album at a yard sale in the late 80s for a dollar, I think. People a bit older than us were scrabbling over it.

Monkee Maker said...

Thanks for that, Rosie, I really enjoyed it .... epecially the sub-titles :)

I don't remember that track but my big bro used to have that album .... it's the one with Stairway to Heaven on, isn't it? Fab.

Word verification : gerzp .... GERate ZeP?? (... maybe that only works in Bristol ...)


ps. Is Caldo Verde white? Count me in next time if it is ....

pps. I'm such a wine-buff ;)

picperfic said...

I am learning so much on here...I love the Stairway to Heaven track! Never knew it was Led Zeppelin though...though it was Rolf Harris hahah!