Thursday, January 24, 2008

is this much fun legal?

I can't believe how much fun I've had over the last 8 days (despite a miserable sinus infection). First, the wonderful parcel from Siret. The choc (far nicer than UK choc, as it is less sweet) vanished in no time at all. But here's the beautiful "preyarn"

from this company. It really is the most tempting yarn presentation I've ever seen, and I think I'm going to follow Siret's lead, and use the yarn to make a crocheted, felted bag. Siret, you're a star!

After that (and the minor matter of filling in the tax form, which is not counted in the week's fun) it was off to the cinema, my first visit for over 2 years. Obviously, since I'm a most infrequent cinema-goer, it takes a special film to get me there! In this case it was the new St Trinian's film (sensationally silly and I'm still laughing over it), last time it was Wallace & Grommit and the Curse of the Wererabbit (Caught Knitting may have degrees in highbrow lit but she views films as strictly for fun).

Friday found me at work. But on Saturday it was KTog stash swap time. With 24 knitters (and one baby) this must have been the highest turnout to date.

The pictures give you a flavour of the atmosphere, but no hint of the fabulous stash that was on offer. I was really good: I gave away 7 balls of yarn and didn't bring any home. (I did, however, manage to come home with a copy of this fantastic work free, gratis and for nothing. There were even duplicate copies of some of Elizabeth Zimmermann's books on offer!) I'd dragged myself out feeling as though I should really be spending the day in bed, but ended up having a whale of a time.

On Sunday I revisted the wonderful White House Arts to do another felting course with textiles tutor extraordinaire, Roger Prime. This time I discovered the joys of Nuno felting, and even came away with a rather dramatic, reversible scarf (all my own work).
(Sadly this photo seems to be more of my chair than my scarf!). I can't recommend White House Arts classes highly enough. In the past I'd been put off by the prices (Sunday's course was £55) but I've realised that you really do get value for money here!

Monday, as ever, was spent at work and my poor head felt as if it was going to burst. Tuesday, too, slipped by in a fug of paracetemol and sinutab. But somehow(!) I made it to yet another KTog, this time at The Cambridge Blue. More stash was swapped (I weakened and came home with 2 new balls for my stash, but I did give away a further 5 or 6, so feel rather virtuous). By Wednesday morning I had to admit to myself that the sinuses needed anitbiotics (ugh), so off to the doctor's. But I sweetened the blow by heading to the bargain bins at Sew Creative. I got 3 fabulous balls of mohair blend for £1 each (another twirly scarf on its way) and (better still) 9 balls of creamy-white Wendy/Emu superwash DK for £1.50 each.

Today should have been market day, but a high temperature doesn't really go with standing outside and selling cakes and crafts. And my head was truly bunged up and thumping. Under these circumstances, a girl needs steam. In the past, I've taken the opportunity to cook up gigantic quantities of pulses for the freezer, but the cupboard was bare. Only then I had a brainwave, remembered everything that Liz had taught me (scroll down to "a second kiln"), grabbed my cauldron,

got to work with my niddy noddy, and a few hours later not only was the headache gone but: look what I've got!
The skeins on the right (starting with the bright green ones) are the Wendy/Emu DK, and I'm delighted with them. To the left of those are various pale lilac pure wools DKs (some Cygnet, some Jaeger) that called out to be livened up and on the left (not all visible in the pc) are assorted Rowan tweed yarns that I've picked up at previous stash swaps. I've turned a rather sludgy green into slightly brighter semi-solids (adding leaf green to both, highlighting one with turquoise and one, less susccessfully, with yellow) and some porridgey/browny yarn is now awash with various greens and reds.

Is this much fun legal?


SusieH said...

Ooooh, those dyed skeins are so gorgeous...I really like your felted scarf, too. It's so dimensional -fantastic!

fluffbuff said...

Ooooh, Evilla! I've been curious about that yarn; you have to let us know everything about it. I am using Kauni right now and I wonder if the two are similar.

picperfic said...

Sorry you're all bunged up Rosie! Looks like you've been having a great creative time lately though. Did the steam work it's magic or did the lovely colours just take away the pain?

Mary deB said...

Ah, I have fond memories of stash swaps in that exact place... I think I picked up a bunch of yarn in October and got rid of most of it again the next June! But such fun, indeed!

ambermoggie said...

Wow, the colours of the yarns are brilliant:) I love your scarf also.
Hope you feel better now:)

E-J said...

Lots of gaaawgeous colourful yarn there! Hope I can get myself to a KTog soon. And from one who suffered a miserable sinus infection over Christmas week, I hope your head is feeling healthier soon.

Liz said...

Hope you feel better very soon! And WOW with the yarn - looks completely gorgeous...

Scarlet said...

I love all those colours you've created, mmmm! I would love it if you could teach me how to do this too!