Tuesday, November 13, 2007

quince essential?

Yay! Crochet resumed yesterday (albeit interspersed by frequent naps) and today my voice is making a reappearance. Daren't risk the KTog tonight, though.

Thanks for all your good wishes. Graham said he realised how ill I was on Friday, when it struck him that I hadn't even mentioned crochet/knitting/yarn for over 24 hours. I did manage to read the Saturday colour supplement though. And I spotted something rather amusing. Do you remember that really awful review of Yarnstorm's new book a few weeks ago? The title was: "My recipe for happiness: no quince jelly". Well, it seems that many cookery writers are begging to differ. On Saturday The Guardian carried 2 quince recipes: Hugh Fernley-Whitingstall served them as a desert and another chef offered them as part of a salad. So the quince's rehabilitation has begun. And I'm sure that Jane's star is soaring after she appeared at the Stitch'n'Bitch day. I knew I wouldn't be able to go to that, as I'd already booked to go on a Nuno Felt Making Day at White House Arts, and needless to say, being bedridden, I had to miss that too, Boo!

Still, if I keep recovering at the current rate, I've got Saturday's KTog to look forward to! And I've just found some more oddments to make into corsages. I was beginning to worry that I might have to buy more yarn. (Ahem!)


E-J said...

Sorry you missed your feltmaking :( I will post a little about SnB Day to my new blog just as soon as I've made the beds, cleaned the floors, done the shopping, finished my translating work and all the other stuff I am supposed to be doing this afternoon instead of browsing blogs. :)

Hope to see you on Saturday!!

Anne said...

Hmmm - I made HFW's quince sorbet on Sunday. Well, I tried - with japonica fruit from the garden which I have been assured are simply an ornamental version of the same thing.

It was hard work, and the result was... well, too sweet and too astringent, and frankly not nice.

I've asked John to remind me of this next year when I start looking speculatively at the fruit again... Just say No!

On the other hand quince jelly is one of my absolute favourites.

But more importantly I'm glad you're beginning to feel better. Take it easy - it'll take a few days to get back to full speed, although I'll be sorry to miss you tonight. (Yes, I'm planning to actually attend a KTog - wow!)

vintage twist said...

Sorry you've been ill and yes I did read that awful story mentioning Janes book. You know I don't think that that reporter had even read it - it's a beautiful book.

Emma said...

Hello Rosie,
I'm happy to see you're feeling better ! I hope to see you next time !
Take care

Jackie said...

Hope you're feeling well enough for Ktog this afternoon you were missed on Tuesday

Don't over do it :)