Saturday, November 24, 2007


Wasted quite a bit of time on the 'phone yesterday trying to get my card protection plan updated. The problem? I failed their security check. Apparently I gave the wrong password (oh no I didn't) and (wait for it) the date of birth that I gave was wrong. Despite assuring them that I was only born once they insisted that I was wrong. It was so surreal that I burst out laughing. I pointed out that they'd also got the number on one of my cards wrong! After several minutes of stalemate I suggested that maybe they'd let me add the correct card number on to the existing policy (even though they wouldn't let me cancel the incorrect cards), but that when the policy is due for renewal I wouldn't renew. The young man said he'd speak to a supervisor and ring me back in 5 minutes, which he duly did. "We'd like to suggest that we add the card but that we don't renew the policy when it expires". "Good suggestion" says I!

I can see the problem from their point of view. I could (if we explore the outer reaches of probability) have been someone totally malicious who wanted to cancel someone else's card protection. But the shock of realising that for the last 4 years I've been trusting this company with details of all my cards, my passport number etc and they'd entered much of that data incorrectly....That's £80 down the drain, that is. Grr.

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