Thursday, November 29, 2007

hiding the evidence

Uh-oh. Caught Knitting's been blowing the housekeeping (again) on fancy organic cider...

How's she going to hide the evidence before Graham gets home?

Yay! Problem solved thanks to Monkee Maker! This is the amazing bottle warmer that I won earlier this month. Thanks Kerry. The workmanship on this handy hidey holder is superb and I'm hoping to buy a bag from Kerry's shop very soon, but they keep selling out...

Why do I need the bag? Er, well, I've also been blowing the housekeeping on yumptious Hip Knits silk yarn from Sew Creative (blush).

ps Sorry about the rubbish photos. NB I don't really have a housekeeping budget to juggle. The real reason I have to disguise the cider is so that Graham doesn't drink it!


Emma said...

Enjoy your cider Rosie ! ;-)
You have had a very clever idea !
See you !

Monkee Maker said...

Why thank you, Rosie, for the comment about the workmanship on the bottle cosy .... a little misguided though, I think. (That monkee face needs serious working on!

I'm so loving that calendar you sent me (as are others, in my "thought for the day" slot), and believe it or not I still have that choc .... I'm saving it for a special occasion, at the moment I'm just happy to sit and admire it :)