Monday, June 19, 2006

you *know* you're tired when...

Have been working late, late, late the last few nights (like 10pm) getting a major sale launched today. In my exhaustion, I asked the assistant manager to cash up for me, so that I could get home by 6.30pm for a change. She agreed, I checked that she had her keys to get out with later, locked the door behind me and went home on the 6.10pm bus (that's a whole hour and 5 mins earlier than usual, bliss). Got home to Graham saying "you've got to go straight back to work". To cut a long story short, I'd locked not just the usual lock on the front door, but also one that is "blind" on the inside. Cue mad dash back to bus stop, only to find no bus back into town until 7.30pm. Had to order a taxi, weeping tears of exhaustion. And only when I'd rescued the poor woman (it didn't help that by that time I suddenly found it all terribly funny...I've always warned her that secretly I'm evil bitch boss) did I think of a way that she could've got out... Still, I was able to get my usual bus home, and at least she has a day off tomorrow, whilst I have *still* got to get the goods repriced, properly displayed, shelves dusted and a gazillion and one other things that should have been done by 9am today attended to. But I get a day off on Wednesday when Tamara, Graham and I are off to Norwich for the day, where we also plan to meet my ma and pa who are travelling there on the bus from King's Lynn. It is Dad's birthday, and his big treat is going to work in the local studies archive. Ma plans to hit the shops and Tamara particularly wants to see the Castle, which has a wonderful museum (and a pretty good cafe, too). Should be fun!


Your SP said...

That's awful. At least you managed to see the funny side of it afterwards, and your day off is just around the corner. I hope you have a great day out with your family on Wednesday.

walkaboutknitter said...

Hey Rosie,

I'm on deadline this week so life's just a tad madder than usual. Not as mad (knock wood) as last year but still mad.

Hope your Wednesday out with the family was a good one.

Your bag (thanks again), when it isn't pressed into service as a project bag, has a place of honour in the stash room.

Thanks be to blogs for connecting friends!

Cheers from San Diego