Wednesday, June 28, 2006

knitting at the blue

What a way to spend a warm summer's evening: knitting in the beer garden of the Cambridge Blue with fellow Cambridge KTog members. See here for *the* most spectacular FO to be acheived at one of our meetings. It was the subtle way that Bekki did it ("anyone got any scissors that I can borrow?") and then suddenly, since there was no seaming to be done, there she was wearing a new garment. And Emma-Jane's blog shows something rather stunning that Liz brought along with her. Liz was recovering/exaulting after the journey from hell was followed by a trip to heaven (aka Stash yarns in London). She had the wonderful Mason Dixon knitting with her and I simply had to visit Amazon once I got home. It was a fantastic end to an amazing day, much of which has been supressed owing to secret stuff, which a certain SP will be receiving in assorted mailings over the next few weeks.


Emma-Jane said...

I think "Emily-Jane" sounds almost nicer than my actual name. It was good to meet you! :-)

Rosie said...

Ooops. So sorry to get your name wrong. Have duly edited the entry and link.

Jackie said...

I really enjoyed the evening. We got to discussing the Water Aid knitted river and I mentioned that there is a Sing and Swim in aid of Water Aid at the Jesus Green Swimming Pool on Saturday 15 July. It is from 6 to 8.30 pm and if you would like more details (or to put your name on the waiting list for the Good Vibrations Community Choir) you can email