Sunday, June 25, 2006

What goes around, comes around

Ha! Cosmic balance struck back on Friday morning, when I arrived at work to find that (a) the shop front had been covered with flour (thanks to one of the students in one of the rooms upstairs, who was proudly looking down and surveying his handiwork) and that (b) I didn't actually have my keys with me (having left them inside the previous afternoon) and was therefore locked out. If you read my last post, you'll be able to picture the assistant manager's glee when she spotted me sheltering from the flour in a nearby shop door. To fill in the time before Clare arrived I got on with my secret project for my secret pal, which is why I was being ultra-careful to shelter from the flour. Hmm, cookie crumbs in Norwich, flour in Cambridge, what else will befall this project before it reaches its recipient, and will she ever suspect the adventures it has been through?

I had hoped that today would finally be the much-anticipated day when I went to buy a digital camera but, no, too much wine last night, and too much copywriting to do today put paid to that! Last night was a wonderful evening, though. Two of our neighbours host foreign students, and two of the students are returning to China, now that they have completed their 'A'-levels. So this was a farewell party (or, rather, an au revoir party, as they intend to come and stay for a few days before they go to uni in the autumn). We were treated to an authentic Chinese meal cooked by the students (with Di ringing his mother for instructions at every turn!), which we ate al fresco in the balmy evening air. The wine, like the guests, came from all over the world, so no wonder I have a hangover of global proportions. Managed to knit my way through the worst of it, however.

Now I must dash off and put my glad rags on, as we're hoping to go to an open air concert at King's College tonight.

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