Sunday, September 13, 2009

Walls Have Knitting Patterns

Just over a week ago I got up early, threw a few sandwiches into a box and, three buses later (citi 6, citi 7 and Village Link 5), I was in paradise (well, apart from the aircraft noise, but I'm still thrilled to be able to hear again properly).

Where was I? Deep in the heart of the Essex countryside, in the Chelmer Valley (and on the Stansted flightpath) is Thaxted, a town that grew rich on three trades: thatching, cutlery and wool. And when I say rich, just look at the sumptuosuness of the buildings in this tiny market town:

the Guidhall, for instance

and Dick Turpin's house (yes, the Dick Turpin, as in "stand and deliver!"):

But best of all was the pargetting on many walls, instant knitting pattern inspiration...
giant cables:
basket weave:
and welted modular shells:
You'll probably have seen that shape in old knitted bedspreads and some of you will have seen a tiny cushion that I've made with this motif.


Daisy said...

Oooh knitting on walls. How cool is that?!

jayne said...

So pleased to hear you're feeling better - and it looks like you've been having a fabulous time! Funny how we can find knitting inspiration in so many places!

Andrea said...

hahaha... is wonderful! same patterns in the building and knitting.
I like your blog

Probably Jane said...

I love the sound of your expedition - I really should have more little adventures like that!

GooseBreeder said...

Lovely patterns!

Picturetalk321 said...

I was searching for a technical term for the pargeting that you call 'welted modular shells'. (I saw a wall like this in Cambridge.) I'm not sure if your term is from the plastering craft but I love it! I also love the notion of 'knitting on walls.' Thank you.