Thursday, September 03, 2009

Coastal Knitting

First: an exceptionally delightful purchase that I made in Sheringham's yarn shop yesterday... I certainly don't need any more DK, but Mirasol's Hacho has a most seductively bouncy quality and the colours sang out to me. Note how the yarn is posing artfully on a table of a train en route from Sheringham to Cromer.

During this journey I was also working on a modular scarf that's combining Sirdar Escape DK with Katia Pailettes but it was, alas, one of those days when there was more unknitting than knitting. Even more gallingly, I'd made the mistake the previous evening but had knitted on the train for two hours thinking "this doesn't look quite right..." before I realised that I'd missed out 8 rows. Sigh. I would show you a picture, but Blogger is refusing to let me upload any at the moment so I'll terminate this post here and write about the Sheringham/Cromer gansey knitting tradition tomorrow. All I'll say now is size 18 needles and 15 stitches per inch.


Daisy said...

Oh, Sheringham, that was my favourite NT property to work at! And I loved wandering around Sheringham in the evenings and popping into the yarn shop in the mornings before going to work! And I also love Mirasol Hacho - been wearing my cardigan made of it every day for work!

Emily said...

The Mirasol yarn is beautiful! And I think I visited that same yarn shop too last week, buying some thread :) Sherigham has a beautiful coastline - we walked right to the top of the cliff and watched the steam train go by :)