Friday, May 08, 2009

long time, no blog

Ye gods, is it really more than a month since I last blogged?

I could pretend that I've been immersed in producing a masterpiece (or two); that I'd been trekking through inhospitable desert (for the good of my soul); or many other crazy or unlikely fibs.

The truth is rather more exciting (for me, if not for anyone reading this). I've been having a lazy, wonderful time. (Punctuated by some health wibbles, but most of these are now dismissed).

First, I've been on a winning streak: I'm now the proud (and colourful) owner of these decidedly dashing "smalls", dazzlingly dyed by the lovely Ambermoggie. And, within hours of hearing that I'd won them, I discovered that I'd also won The Morville Hours Karen's non-fiction book giveaway. What an engrossing book it is, definately the work of a polymath. I've scarcely been able to put it down since I received it and, having finished it last week, am poised to embark on an almost immediate reread. It has shot straight into second place in my all-time-favourtie books chart. (Number one is still The Leaping Hare.)

During the time I've been able to tear myself away from the book I've been on several adventures, including a trip to Hay on Wye which just happened to coincide with a certain Wonderwool Wales and a workshop in Hay with one Prudence Mapstone. Good job that there were innumerable bookshops (and an ice cream parlour) to absorb Mr Caught Knitting the while... I've also been on a May Day away day; got a permanent contract at work (yay!) and signed up for a City and Guilds diploma in handknitting (guess who should be doing her homework now this instant?)

Posts with pictures will follow but the sun is shining, Mr CK is at home and I think we should take advantage of the weather to go for a stroll!


goldenneedles said...

Hi, so pleased i have felllow knitter from Cambridge to keep me company on the City and Guild Course, Franceslimin

Heather said...

What a lot of fun stuff you have been up to! Good luck with the C&G. Talking of homework ....

Jackie said...

Delighted to hear about the job

Daisy said...

Ooh I want to read the Morville Hours! Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself! i'm hopelessly behind both with blogging and reading blogs!