Friday, May 08, 2009

Harry Potter in dramatic ageing sensation!

(This is, in fact, Mr Caught Knitting off to a Supervisors' Dinner at a Cambridge College. The dress code said "gown and lounge suite" but the final "e" had been scored out in biro, so I managed to talk Mr CK out of his plan to take an occassional table with him by way of accessory... I'd better point out that, in the unlikely event of your recognising Mr CK's college tie, this is not, repeat not, the college that made the spelling mistake!)


ambermoggie said...

Oh it would have to be at least a formal chair surely?

Heather said...

:-) I love the idea of occassional tables. If they are only occassionally tables, what are they the rest of the time?

Mary deB said...

Hmm, do you think Harry really goes on to Cambridge? Where do wizards go after Hogwarts, anyways? And where do they go before Hogwarts??