Tuesday, March 17, 2009

production line

I've been so entranced by my newly-dyed yarns that almost every spare minute of the last week has been devoted to crocheting. I'll show you the fruits of my labours soon.

But first, please excuse me whilst I shout, dance sing and giggle with excitement. for yes, it is almost time for me to Skip North again. I'm off to Howarth on Friday for another bout of yarn shopping and cake eating in the company of fellow yarnaholics. As much of our time will be spent in t'mills, I've been reading The Blackpool Highflyer, one of Andrew Martin's books featuring Jim Stringer, Railway Detective. This one is set in and around Halifax and features engines, mills, anarchists and ventriloquists.

Back to the pots. First of all,and I'm afraid it is rather blurred, this is the pot that used the two-tone grey yarn that I overdyed. The frill is done in the plain yarn:

Next, this week's crop before being thrown into the washing machine...

And a glimpse of them drying in the airing cupboard

Of all the yarns I dyed last week, my favourite is the one used for the pot front right. It reminds me of the colours of violets nestled in moss. And my favourite pot combines this yarn (for the base) with the robin's egg blue yarn. You can see it in the "before" picture, bottom left.
You might have spotted that (most unusually) I've done a couple of pots where I've used the same colour for sides and trim. I've got a special plan for these...watch this space!


ambermoggie said...

those are lovely Rosie. Enjoy SkipNorth

E-J said...

Aw, your pots are so sweet! I like the green one - but then, I'm a greenophile.

"Another bout of yarn shopping and cake eating ..." Ugh! That sounds horrendous!

Daisy said...

Have a wonderful time at Skip North. Wish I was going!

MRS MJW said...

Oh how cute.