Wednesday, March 11, 2009

marmite girtonoise

No, panic not, this is not a post about that yeasty spread that people either love or hate (though, for the record, I fall into the love camp).

Instead, this is where I reveal the fruits of last week's dyeing session. And what, you may well be asking, does that have to do with marmite?

Marmite happens to be the French for "cooking pot" and is an alternative name for my cauldron (aka steamer). I spent about 7 hours by the stove last Wednesday (during which time bad Mr Caught Knitting took great delight in telling assorted neighbours that "Rosie is dying, but don't worry, that's dyeing with a silent E"). In the end I produced 1.7kg of vividness.

It was deepest, darkest night when I put the last few skeins out on the line. You may also be able to spot the BIG mistake I made. Cascade comes in skeins, which is great, as they are ready to dye. But what I'd forgotten is that they are tied in only one place and, to survive all the saoking, painting, steaming etc, a skein really needs to be tied in at least 3 places. I've got some untangling fun ahead of me...

As ever, I seem to have ended up with far more green, turquoise, purple and pink-based colourways than intended and none of the dramatic reds I'd been intending to produce.
But I'm very happy with what I've got. I started crocheting with them yesterday and have produced 2 sea anemone pots (currently "cooking" in the washing machine. Here's the first one hot off the hook:

I love the plump felt that I get from Cascade 220).

Speaking of Cascade 220, on my latest trip to Wibbling Wools I was able to pick up some which was marled in 2 shades of grey and I used this, as well as the usual plain natural as a base.

I like the end result very much, though it isn't very obvious when crocheted up. (You'll have to take my word for this, as I've thrown the marled pot in the washer without snapping a "before" shot!)

I should have taken more care over this shot! The mottled grey yarn is on the right, the solid on the left.

Now I must go and sew brooch backs onto the latest batch of floral corsages. Or, to use another of Mr CK's dreadful puns: I'm off to Broochback Mounting...


E-J said...

Oh! Well, whatever the shortcomings of your dyeing adventures, the colours are very, very pretty!

ambermoggie said...

I love the colours rosie and I do love your anemone pots:)

Alison said...

Oh, your mister has me giggling so I can't stop. Bad punnsters are the best kind.

I love the idea of dyeing on top of the marled yarn! Wants finished shots!! :D

Jo said...

I'm in the hate camp....but at least we can agree on the unpredictable-ness of don't always get what you expect, but very pretty nonetheless! Glad your pots are selling well!

Daisy said...

Ooh I've only used Cascade 220 once and I loved it! Those puns are baaaaaaaaaaaad!

TutleyMutley said...

What is it about men and bad puns - both my men do it too! I love the results of your experiments and you make me want to join in the dyeing fun too.
OH, and I love marmite too.