Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Meet the Unidentifiable Finished Object

(NB, kindly focus your gaze upon the knitted object and not Graham's very smart measuring tape!)
It was supposed to be a tray for displaying my crocheted corsages, but, well, goodness; does Rowan Tapestry felt, or does it felt? (Clue: the answer is YES).
It went into the machine at 14" diameter and came out (one 60 degree cycle later) as 7" diameter. It is the thickest, most plumptious felt ever. The combination of soy and wool (each felting at its own rate) has created a fluffy, boucle fabric.

But what's a girl to do with an under-sized tray?

Option 1: the frisbee. (unphotographable) I discovered this option when I removed it from the washing machine and, so angry with the drastic shrinkage, flung it the length of the garage. Not sure whether this had more to do with the strength of my rage than with the item's inherent aerodynamic potential...

Option 2: the exceptionally silly hat (photos censored out of consideration for model!) Would need addition of elastic for true functionality.

Option 3: the wallhanging. Just add beads and embroidery and....nah, too pretentious by half.

Option 4: fold in half, and use as a knitted cornish pasty.

But, then again, why???

Option 5: teapot mat.

I think this will have to be what it becomes. Unless anyone else has any ideas?!!!

Since completing this I've made something which I love (and with which it will be most difficult to part.) But it is a secret surprise, so I'm not showing you!


Spinningfishwife said...

A teapot nest? Yup, looks good. Unless you have a pet rat or gerbil or something that would like a noce cosy bed?

Heather said...

Really interesting texture! I think it has come out nicely even if smaller than planned. Can't think of any sensible options, dart board?

Mary deB said...

It's a lovely objet d'art, perhaps best used under the teapot, indeed. Felting is what they call inexact, eh?

picperfic said...

I immediately thought of a pot stand...and a very lovely one at that! I have just bought 9 balls of Tapestry to make a cardi out of the new book. I won't wash it at 60degrees though, well at least not for an hour! ha ha

Pig wot flies said...

Oh dear. It's a pretty thing though. Call it an objet d'art and stick it on the wall as it is?