Saturday, September 08, 2007

Just a perfect day...

Yesterday started off well, with Radio 3 playing my absolute favourite piece of music, Farewell to Stromness by Peter Maxwell Davies. (Sadly I couldn't get the youtube code to embed, so you'll have to click on the link! Also note, the youtube performance is on a guitar, it is even better on the piano.) I've been totally hooked on his work since I saw the premier of Le Jongleur de Notre Dame at the King's Lynn Festival in 1978 (Based on a medieval French story, and performed in St Nicholas Chapel, the cast included a rather stunning juggler.)

But back to yesterday! Next I had the wonderful task of choosing which of my handpaint yarns to work with next, then the carpeneter turned up to put a much-needed cabinet in our bathroom! Leaving him working, Graham and I headed off to town (Graham to the University Library and me to browse craft markets and bookshops)then we met for a half at The Granta, followed by lunch at The Rice Boat.

Obviously, we had to walk off all this indulgenece, so we wandered over Granchester Meadows (famously celebrated by Pink Floyd, another favourite track) and then came to rest in The Orchard Tearooms.

Lemonade was consumed,

ripples were hooked

and then (now totally overcome by waves of laziness) we reminded ourselves that it was a whole week since we'd travelled on a double decker bus (yes, we are both big kids at heart) so we decided to do the 2 miles back to the centre of Cambridge by bus! We were beaten to the upstairs front seats by two Japanese visitors but still had an exciting ride. As the the bus tore through country lanes it was ripping off leaves from overhanging boughs and the leaves landed in our laps. Huge fun.

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picperfic said...

:waves: at Graham! Looks like you big kids had some fun! That yarn looks so cheerful too!