Saturday, July 07, 2007


(excuse the capitals, but for reasons known only to Blogger, I can no longer access the subject line of posts!)

Now, on to "The Flying Auntie" aka me. Time was when I lived far closer to my sister and (being naught but a Master's student with a terribly part-time job) I could visit her at the drop of a hat. That's when I became The Flying Auntie, there to nurse small chicken-pox-stricken niecelets, to attend sports days and carol services and many other delights. And now, The Flying Auntie is back. This week I "flew" (that's "flying" as in taking assorted buses and coaches!) to a musical evening and a teddy bears' picnic at the village school my younger niece attends. The musical evening was fun (the novice violinists did rather stretch the definition of "musical" but my niece's oboe solo was great) but my sister banned me from taking my crochet. Niecelet, however, positively encouraged me to take the crochet (as well as Lynda, my 46-year old teddy!) to the picnic. As I hoped, younger niece was very intrigued by the crochet and particularly likes the look of the granny square diagrams in the booklet I bought last weekend...I feel some teaching coming on, and have been asked to come back soon.

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fluffbuff said...

A teddy bear picnic… what a lovely idea!
Enjoying your new schedule, eh? :)